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Our CD set "Everything you always wanted to know about adoption but were afraid to ask" examines the untold stories of traumatized children trying to build a new life. It debunks the myth that once a child is adopted love alone will repair all the damage.

The CDs have earned much praise from parents, social workers and teachers.

They are available - as a set or individually - from Adoption UK. www.adoptionuk.org.uk

CD1 Trauma and Attachment: Causing Havoc 9.95
CD2 Repairing the Damage: Therapeutic Parenting and Help at School 9.95
CD3 Adoptees Explore Questions of Identity 7.95

The price for CD1,CD2 and CD3 as a set is £24.95

If you wish to make a purchase please click the link below:



"These CDs are amazingly thorough and useful. They provide a sensitive and insightful explanation of all the issues adoptive children struggle with. They give sound advice and promote in-depth understanding."
John Allin, adoptive father and Headteacher of a Secondary School, West Midlands

"There should be at least one set of the CDs in every school library. This is a most valuable CPD resource for all teaching staff."
Jan Banks, psychotherapist

"I found the audio series a real eye opener to children suffering from trauma in their life. I was impressed by the content and would highly recommend to all teaching professionals as it has helped in supporting a child in my care."
Juliet McArdle Early Years Teacher

" Everything you always wanted to know about adoption but were afraid to ask" is a long-awaited resource for all those involved in the adoption community. Adoptive parents can feel overwhelmed when they are searching for answers to understand their child's challenging and demanding behaviours. The unique audio component of this work brings the subject to life- from stories by brave families willing to share to the professionals' detailed explanation and therapeutic advice and finally hearing the adoptees themselves. This
hugely valuable piece of work not only offers helpful information but for busy multi-tasking parents, the audio nature makes it a gift in time."
Bronwen, adoptive mother

"CD2 has made me aware why some behavioural approaches do not work in class. It outlines the ways we can devise and implement strategies to best support each individual child's learning. I will be discussing the issues raised by the CDs in relation to children in our school to revise expectations based on chronological age."
Anna Jelec, Special Needs Teacher, Leamington Spa

"Really enjoyed listening to the tapes. As you suggested listening in the car is a good way. I think you have forcefully highlighted the problems of traumatized children, through a better understanding of the reasons behind the behaviours. I will strongly recommend them."
Rob Long, Educational Psychologist

The CDs are available from Adoption UK www.adoptionuk.org.uk